Prayer Life at St. Matthias

Prayer is an important part of our faith and community at St. Matthias. There are several ways that prayer is incorporated into our church life.


Prayers of the People

As part of most Sunday services, we pray collectively the Prayers of the People. Members of the congregation may request (through the Rector or Church Administrator) the (first) names of anyone in need to be specifically named and prayed for in this prayer. In addition, a sheet is provided near the Administrator's office for other  — more immediate — prayers (including thanksgivings) to be added by the leader to that Sunday's Prayers of the People.

Prayer Chain

Anyone can request intercessory prayers for any identified needs for themselves or others by contacting the Church Administrator. Full names aren't required for someone to be prayed for. The requests are shared electronically with a team of church members called the Prayer Chain, who have agreed to pray for others whenever and wherever. Such requests are treated as confidential unless the requester directs otherwise.

Prayer Partners

At the end of each primary (Sunday) worship service, a trained layperson or team helps with private intercessory prayers for anyone who comes forward to the altar rail to ask. They lay hands on and pray on behalf of requests outlining more immediate concerns, thanksgivings, or other dimensions of daily life. Such requests are kept confidential unless the person coming forward asks otherwise.

Contemplative prayer group

Do you have a practice of contemplative prayer?  Are you curious about contemplative prayer?  Is this the first time you've heard of contemplative prayer? All of these (and more!) are great reasons to check out our Contemplative Prayer Group. We meet at St. Matthias the first Monday of each month, 10-11:30am. We practice Centering Prayer and a number of other varieties of contemplation, and we'd love to have you join us!  If you'd like to learn more, contact the Parish office at 719-426-9809.