Adult Christian Formation

An essential part of our faith life and fellowship involves Christian formation through study, reflection and conversation. The models for this type of discovery are numerous and varied: study of Scripture, investigation of our Episcopal/Anglican theology, looking at our common history through the ages, discussing the context of our present lives – our families, children and grand-children – in light of our faith, exploring art and music as reflecting the divine, sharing different methods of prayer, just to name a few.

It is in the gathering together, the sharing of fellowship, and always opening ourselves up to exploring and learning about our faith, that we further strengthen the blessing of our relationship with our Creator and each other. This is more about formation than it is about "education." Our lives are always changing; we are constantly forming and reforming what it means to be a disciple and apostle of Christ. St. Matthias is committed to providing ministry opportunities and meaningful programs which will help support and guide each person in our journey together.

During the formation year (September – May), classes are held on most Sundays from 9am-9:45am either in the parish hall or the church nave. The selection of topics varies, and every effort is made to listen to the wishes and desires of the parish in the preparation of our curriculum.